Bio-feedback, collaboration & experimentation

Logan & Wilcox - Zugzwang


Space, time, matter and choice all form our entangled interconnected reality. We make decisions along the axis of time, no matter what we do we are affected by time but have no effect on time, so do the decisions we make matter? Experiment ‘Zugzwang’ looks to explore the further connections between participants unconscious behaviours and the space within which these bodies reside. Zugzwang looks to connect a greater number of participants and find ways to delaminate these interdependencies, helping to generate new forms of communication and connections in the formation of a continuously evolving performance.

Building on previous experiment ‘neu consciousness’ , where participants biometric information was used as triggers to generate audiovisual environments. The Installation set up the scenario where the participant was made conscious of there own unconscious behaviours through the creation of a biofeedback loop. The participant through greater mental focus and concentration was able to manipulate the audio-visual environment.

The ‘Zugzwang ‘experiment will introduce a greater number of participants. In this system, the participants will have a degree of passive authorship; blurring the roles of artist and audience. It is intended that the participants in this experiment will have the ability to act as the ‘conductors’, influencing the biometric data generated by the other participants in the system.

As such, the experiment will collect data concerning the dynamics of the artist, audience and space. The level of authority will vary from participants and audience by oscillating the control each have over the audio-visual output generated by the individuals and the combined biometric data of the group. The oscillating hierarchy of participant’s roles will form the main bases of this experiment. Helping us gleam a greater understanding of the unfathomable effect of time on our decisions and choices.

  • Location : Liverpool
  • Venue : John Lennon Arts Building
  • Year : 2017